Joseph Parsons


The Chartered Institution for Further Education


Bring visual sophistication to the only chartered organisation in education and help improve their clarity of message.

My Involvement

UX/UI     Strategy      Art Direction


The Chartered Institution for Further Education (FE Charter) are a national body that required a website that improved the application process and helped employers connect with colleges.


The two main user profiles for this particular website were Head Teachers of colleges and business owners looking for apprentices. It was important to direct users towards applying to becoming a member of the FE Charter. In order to do this, an apply button was placed over the hero image on the home page ensuring a user doesn’t have to scroll to find the application page.


In order to connect employers with colleges, a members area was created that uses predictive search functionality allowing a user to narrow a search by profession, location and name of college. Each college has a profile that offers more information to a potential employer and a link through to their personal website.


The interface was designed to be clean and high value. It was important to create a strong typographic system and enhance the brand through subtle uses of red and gold.

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