Joseph Parsons




Give a creative company a much needed injection of personality in line with their energetic new name.

My Involvement

Branding    Brand strategy    UX/UI    Art Direction    Social Media Design    Mailer Design    Copywriting    Animation    Music Production


Jago is a full service creative agency that needed a brand and website to go with their new name. Jago was born through the concept of energising businesses. ‘The Jago’ is actually an energetic Indian dance that means to ‘wake up’.


In order to do this, there was a strong focus of portfolio work on the home page. Once a project had been viewed by a user, they are encouraged to discover more projects at the bottom of a project page.


The core users are business owners looking at marketing and web design options. In order to speak to this certain user type, this site had to keep the user engaged immediately as time is money. This site needed to have a very simple UX and encourage users to look through the Jago portfolio.


Jago’s site needed to show off their personality and portfolio whilst effectively communicating their vision to energise businesses. The interface was designed to be interactive; feeling almost three dimensional. This was done using shadowing and hover animations to give a sense of depth.

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