Joseph Parsons




Help a renowned recruitment company connect with candidates in a vibrant and friendly way.

My Involvement

Branding    Brand strategy    UX/UI    Art Direction


Panda are a Dutch recruitment company specialising in the pharmaceutical market. Panda needed a new look site to enhance user experience and gather more information from the user.


One of the core areas of this interface is the job search function. This interface allows you to collect jobs that you are interested in. There is also a simple filtering system that allows a user to refine their search. The addition of search buttons below the search bar allows the user to search a specific industry with ease.


The two main user profiles using this particular site are pharmaceutical industry job seekers who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy and employers also within the pharmaceutical industry above the age of 40. Simple user experience was vital to speak to these two groups.


The interface was designed to be vibrant and informal. Curved containers were used to achieve a friendly aesthetic. In addition to the gradients, pink was used as a contrasting colour to drive users to click on certain areas of the site.     +44(0)7528620651