There is no such thing as a boring brief, just a boring designer. It’s all about finding joy in the detail.


Over the last decade, I’ve taken an unconventional approach to the career ladder. Instead of the security of a linear junior to senior path, I opted for a much more interesting (and admittedly stressful) zigzag approach; a path that wouldn’t be out of place on the Cornish coast. From start ups to massive offices, I’ve been there. I am now the Head of Design at Complete Digital managing everything from interface design to animation for clients such as Hitachi, Vitality and Cafédirect.

I have had the pleasure of working with some of world’s biggest brands as well as some of the smallest and newest – specialising in UX/UI and animation. Since joining forces with the lovely gang at Complete Digital, I have moved into a Head of Design role managing a small talented team of legends and we’re going from strength to strength.

Before then, I freelanced for 2 years as a Senior Designer for internationally renowned agencies such as VCCP, Cheil and Forpeople and have worked on briefs with clients such as Samsung, Toyota, Deutsche Bank, Virgin and Compare the Market.

What feels like a long time ago (2014 to be exact), I spent four years at a start up shaping a creative department from its infancy and helping win contracts with clients such as the NHS and achieved an ‘Honourable Mention’ from the Awwwards site. I was a glorified mid-weight clumsily navigating his way through department leadership. However, it gave me skills that I would have never gained from working in a big agency. I learnt how to speak to clients, sell an idea and ensure things work to a tight budget.

I started my career in Holland, working with a design agency for €300 per month for almost a year; just enough money for a stroopwafel habit I keep to this day. I also worked as a junior designer for a big agency which gave me vital experience in being way out of my depth, emotionally crumbling before not quite making it past probation and then jumping on a plane back to the UK to freelance for a few years. See, I could streamline all of this but it’s not as interesting to read and I’m not a boring designer.