Joseph Parsons is a stand up, writer and presenter based in London.

Originally from Weston-super-Mare, Joseph Parsons moved to London for his dream to pursue comedy. With his high energy delivery, natural comic ability and overall friendly vibe, Parsons is an up and coming comedian touring the pro circuit across the country.

With his unique take on LGBTQ+ issues and his love of sport, he is fast becoming one of the most exciting comedians on the circuit. 

In 2018, Joseph performed a sell out Edinburgh work in progress show called ‘Baggy Point’. The show has raised money for ‘Football v Homophobia’; an organisation that aims to rid the world of sport from homophobia. Audiences both laughed and cried at the laugh out loud tale of growing up as a gay in Somerset underpinned with an important message of male depression in young gay men.  

In 2022, he will be debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe with his show “Equaliser”. This show looks at sport culture, homophobia and what sport’s governing bodies are doing about it. Having grown up in masculine environments, Parsons’ looks at the positive side in contrast to ‘toxic masculinity’.


Very high energy, well-written material.

The Stand