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With his high energy delivery, natural comic ability and overall friendly vibe, Joseph Parsons (as seen on Channel 4), is an up and coming comedian touring the pro circuit across the country.

After a sell out Edinburgh show ‘Baggy Point’, he is now performing the hour long version across the country. Joseph also co-hosts the podcast Billy Joe Mates with his friend and comedian Joseph Emslie. Joseph is also a keen writer currently working on a number of scripts and ideas.



See “Baggy Point” Live 2019 

Featured in Top 10 LGBT Acts of the Fringe (The EFC)

4th August  —   Camden Fringe  (Live Record) —  The Bill Murray

13th – 17th August  —   Edinburgh Fringe Just the Tonic, the Snifter Room


Venue Reviews

“Very high energy, well-written material that a lot of effort has clearly been put into”

The Stand

“An Angel Comedy favourite”

Angel Comedy


Audience Reviews

“Hilariously funny! What appeals to audiences is relatability and there was a lot to relate to for everyone in his stories. Great audience engagement! Worth seeing.”

Liselotte – EdFringe Website

“I absolutely loved it, kept me laughing until my face hurt. It ended with a lovely and inspiring story. Definitely worth seeing.”

Natalia – EdFringe Website

“Loved seeing his Edinburgh Fringe show, I could relate, not to mention it was hilarious”

Jay Gardner – Facebook Review

“Surprisingly moving”

Eamonn – Twitter



Elsewhere in August

1st-3rd August  —    Angel Comedy  —  The Bill Murray, Angel

22nd August  —    Backyard Comedy  —  Backyard Comedy, Bethnal Green

28th August  —   Angel ComedyThe Bill Murray, Angel

31st August  —   Jericho  —  Oxford